FAQ + Policies

Earth & Stardust crafts copper adornments through the process of electro-forming with metaphysical stones & natural elements. Caring for your unique talisman looks like this:

Copper Care

Copper is an amazing metal with magical amplifying qualities - but it must be treated with care. One of the strongest metals, yet it still welcomes gentleness. Do not wear your copper jewelry in water, or anywhere you feel like your talisman is in danger of possibly being damaged (ie. hit, dropped, scratched).

Over time, copper will begin to oxidize from the elements. I seal each piece with a protective lacquer to ensure longevity of the finish, but it will eventually wear off. I include a polishing cloth with every order, and it should be enough to polish your piece up on days it’s looking a little dull. If you’re looking to get a really great shine, I highly recommend Sunshine Polishing Cloths. You can also paint clear nail polish over the copper every few months, as it acts like a protective lacquer for the copper.

Crystal Care

The stones used in my craft are all incredibly unique and require adequate care. Although some gemstones used are incredibly strong, others are not. If they are more fragile, I will note in the item description so you’re aware before purchase (although I rarely work with super delicate stones).

Treat your pieces gently. These crystals are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced or repaired. Avoid wearing your talismans in areas/activities you feel they may get damaged, submerged in water, or in cases of extreme temperatures. **Always** take your jewelry off before showering! 


I am accepting customs only for designs I’ve already created and with stones I currently have. If you have questions regarding customs or would like to start one, feel free to contact me via instagram or earth.and.stardust.jewelry@gmail.com.

Shipping Policies

All orders placed will most often be shipped via USPS within 1-3 business days, but some orders could take 3-5 business days for shipment. (Life happens!) Please be mindful that international orders will be a longer waiting period, and weather also plays a big role in how quickly you will receive your item.

You will receive a notification via email upon shipment of your item - if your email does not contain USPS tracking info and you would like that, please contact me! :)

Lost or Stolen Packages

Earth & Stardust is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once the item is dropped off at the USPS facility, it is out of my control. Any lost or stolen packages must be taken up with USPS.

Return Policy

Earth & Stardust does not accept returns or exchanges. All sales are finalwith very few exceptions.

Please read the info under the item carefully before placing an order. I do my best to display most angles of jewelry and list any defects to the piece in it’s description. I am not responsible for lack of discretion before purchase.

I work with precious gemstones + crystals. Please wear these as they are intended to be worn - like art, with care, intention, and mindfulness. I am not responsible for the mishandling of your piece (ie. dropping it, scratching/chipping the stone, wearing it in water) and will not accept refunds for these reasons under any circumstance.

I wrap each piece carefully to ensure safe travels, but sometimes things happen. If your piece was damaged during shipping, please contact me as soon as possible with pictures of the package & your piece to see what we can do to resolve the situation.

You can reach me at earth.and.stardust.jewelry@gmail.com, and I will do my best to help with any issues that arise.